Don’t be shy—show us your man candy

13 Oct

With only 344,923 human males left on the planet (and dropping), it’s been decades since many of us have seen an actual man in the flesh (or in anything, for that matter). Most h1z1 survivors choose to lead lives of luxurious seclusion, far removed from the seething mass of female humanity at street level. So when we do happen to spot one, it’s a momentous event: Crowds gather, cars crash, mailboxes explode.

We. Can’t. Get. Enough.

In that spirit, I’m starting Man Candy Monthly. How does it work? Simple. Go about your daily life. If you happen to catch a glimpse of the elusive human male, snap a shot and send it to me. At the end of the month, I’ll post all the photos and you’ll vote on who is the man candiest. The winning photographer will get a free copy of my book, The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies, which will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t be shy—get snapping!


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