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Halloween doesn’t have to be Be Mean to Zombies Day

31 Oct

Here at Zombie Dating 101, we know how much fun it is to put on your dirtiest rags, rub trash into your hair and hollow out your eyes with black eyeliner. We know because we love dressing up as zombies, too. (So much better than being a boring old ghost!)

But remember to be respectful. What often passes as festive behavior is actually hurtful and demeaning to our zombie friends. So don’t drag your foot as if pulling a dead tree behind you. Zombies can’t help their heavy, awkward gait. And when grunting incoherently, stick with familiar gutterals like argh, ugh and ergh. Making up words often seems like outright mocking.

Keeping these few tips in mind will help ensure that everyone has a happy and mentally healthy Halloween. It’s OK to scare, not scar.